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About Egersund Group
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OK Marine as a supplier of quality equipment for fishing and aquaculture industry .We were created in 2008 and has since experienced tremendous growth. In 2011 we were named this year's gazelle in Vest-Agder. In November 2015, OK Marine part of Egersund Group AS. The reason for the position we have gained in the market, we believe is the way we try to cooperate with our customers and constantly supply top quality equipment. We spend much time in product development where we work with both fishermen and farmers. Several employees here have long experience as fishermen and merchants. Almost all of our products are made in its own factories in China and Lithuania that we have close follow up. At the factories we are also concerned that workers must have good working conditions. That's not being used child labor is a matter of course. PS. We appreciate all of constructive feedback.

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Markleen Terra S.L.U.
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