The UNIBOOM X 3000 was the year’s success story in Brazil


The Uniboom Single-point self-inflatable containment boom for offshore purposes is a rapid deployment boom system. It is designed for use in open waters and offshore conditions.


Brazil was one of Markleen’s main markets in 2012. The São Miguel shipyard, located at Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro), via our local distributor, Macnor, purchased Markleen equipment to equip its vessels Mar Limpio I and Mar Limpio II.
The turnover generated by this operation was nearly EUR 2 million.
Each ship carries a Uniboom X 3000 containment boom, Unireel, Uniair and DHPP 60
The Uniboom X 3000 was witho doubt the the most talked-abo product supplied in this package

By utilizing a special compressed air inflation system, the manpower and time for deployment and retrieval is reduced to a minimum.
The booms inflate during deployment, and are fully operative once they are in the water. A single operator can deploy 400 m of UNIBOOM® X in less than 5 minutes. The UNIBOOM® X 3000 is supplied with a remote control as standard. Using this system, the operator has full control over the air filling, deployment and retrieval of the booms.
Furthermore, due to its double spiral framework, the UNIBOOM® X-Series is highly flexible, yet robust and has excellent wave-following capabilities.
The pressurized air for inflation is supplied by the hydraulically driven rotary UNIAIR® air-compressor. This heavy-duty rotary compressor has sufficient capacity for rapid inflation of the two primary and the secondary back-up circuits. The UNIREEL® and UNIAIR® are powered by a dedicated MARKLEEN hydraulic powerpack or the ship´s hydraulic power supplies.
During the coming year Markleen will continue its presence on the Brazilian market, making it one of Markleen’s main objectives for 2013.