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With offshore oil rigs going deeper into Polar Regions to extract oil & gas, the increasing presence of icebergs is a threat to oil rig safety and continuous operation.

Deployed from the aft of a PSV AHTS or similar vessel, the ice management nets are reliable and durable for up to two consecutive years. The net and towing lines are deployable from a remote controlled crane & reel for safe handling. All the towing lines and the net are made by high tensile strength fiber rope, making it highly reliable and safe to use.

With the ICE defense system, icebergs in sizes up to several million metric tons can be effectively towed out of trajectories threatening shipping and installations using a net 300x30 meters. Smaller “Bergy bits” and “Growlers” are towed using the easily deployed 160x5 meter net also suitable for smaller vessels as an alternative to prop washing.

The ICE defense system has already been in use during a two year drilling exploration project in Greenland. During this time, over 450 icebergs had been towed at up to 7 million tons in a single tow. In 2014 the nets have also been used in a Kara Sea project. By minimizing iceberg-related disruptions, the ICE defense system is a cost-effective safety measurement that may prove vital to Polar oil rig operations.

In the event of an oil spill, the recovery of oil can be greatly improved by using the ICE defense to clear a path as well as separate clusters of ice from the oil. This will enable a system like the MOS Sweeper to collect and recover the oil spill, reducing the number of issues presented by oil spills in Polar Regions.

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