Boom Reels

Deployment and recovery – quick and easy

Markleen hydraulic boom reels make boom deployment and recovery quick and easy. Due to their steel structure, which is galvanised and may also be coated with marine grade paints, Markleen boom reels continue to perform over long periods of time in adverse conditions.

There are standard models of any size and for every application. Common to all models are their safe and simple variable speed operation and compact design with the reduction gear installed inside the hub of the drum.
The entire structure is painted with a high quality marine grade coating to protect against corrosion for increased product durability and minimum maintenance in marine environments.

Markleen hydraulic boom reels are fitted with ISO forklift pockets, 4 hoisting points on the frame and 4 anchoring points for fixing the base of the reel to a dockside, ship deck or container bottom. 

Safety of operation of Markleen hydraulic boom reels is maximised due to a control panel featuring a distributor valve which controls direction of rotation, rotational speed (adjustable between 0 and 12 rpm) and the hydraulic brake.

Markleen hydraulic boom reels are equipped with an automatically activated negative hydraulic braking system which ensures complete control over the drum during boom deployment and recovery.

Only prestigious brands of hydraulic components are used, guaranteeing that the boom reels deliver in the most demanding of situations.
Markleen hydraulic boom reels are fitted with ISO 7241-1 series B hydraulic couplings, meaning that they can be powered by most hydraulic power packs.  Other hydraulic couplings are available on request.
  • Safe and ease of operation
  • Durable construction
  • Optional turntable base

Multipurpose power packs provides the hydraulic power for all your equipment

 Markleen boom reels continue to perform over long periods of time in adverse conditions