Markleen Storage Cages


Markleen storage cages are designed to optimise the storage, transport and deployment of oil spill response equipment. They provide excellent protection for containment booms, skimmers, power packs, etc. as well as permitting free air flow for equipment conservation and easy visual inspection of the contents.

The cages' strong galvanised steel structure ensures they can be used time and time again, and that they are especially suitable for storage in marine environments. The cages feature horizontal and vertical dividers, providing quick and easy access to the equipment stored inside. They can be totally dismantled without the use of tools, minimising storage space when empty. The cages are designed to fit neatly into standard 10', 20' or 40' containers. They include forklift slots on all four sides, making them easy to move using a forklift or pallet truck, and are stackable.
  • Flexible, standardised system
  • Strong, hard wearing structure
  • Easy to move & stackable
  • Easy access to equipment inside
  • Compact empty storage

Optimise the storage, transport and deployment of oil spill response equipment