Peristaltic Pump System

Hydraulically driven transportable pump system

This is a simple modular pump system which is used for recovering of oil and oil emulsion in beach areas. The pump system consists of two separate units; a peristaltic hose pump and a hydraulic power pack.

Markleen has focused on building a system which is easy to transport by one person without the use of a truck, crane or similar units. The pump and hydraulic power pack are therefore manufactured in their own lightweight and robust stainless steel frames which are mounted on a simple chassis with wheels. The chassis with wheels gives the user maximum control and stability when moving the unit on rough terrain.
The pump and hydraulic power pack can easily be lifted off their stands, which are identical for both units. The chassis can be delivered with solid rubber tyres (see picture) or inflatable tyres, depending on the application.

All necessary equipment such as a suction nozzle, hydraulic hoses and suction and pressure hoses are included with the unit. An MS10 Multiskimmer is available as an option.


The pump unit consists of a hydraulically driven self-priming ELRO XP400 peristaltic hose pump, made in Germany. The pump is well proven to work in difficult and demanding environments and easily handles heavy oil and oil emulsion mixed with debris. Due to the design and operating principle of the pump, the unit is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. The pump can also be used with skimmers that require a separate pump.

Hydraulic Power Pack

The pump is driven by a diesel powered hydraulic power pack. The hydraulic power pack is very compact and was specially designed for the Swedish Coast Guard which wanted a unit with a removable hydraulic oil tank, so that the unit could easily be lifted by two persons. The hydraulic oil tank is uncoupled from the unit without the need for tools. The hydraulic power pack is designed to provide the pump with the necessary power to pump heavy oil and oil emulsion even with relatively long hoses. The frame and hydraulic oil tank are made of stainless steel and all components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Transportable by one person on rough terrain
  • Excellent suction
  • Suitable for most chemical spill response
  • Hydraulic or engine drive
  • Pumps heavy oil mixed with solids in suspension
  • Reversible

Hydraulically driven transportable pump system


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