MultiSkimmer MS 10

Modular skimmers with interchangeable cartridges

MARKLEEN MULTISKIMMERS are compact, lightweight units used for recovering all types of oil.  Diesel oil, grease and emulsions are quickly and efficiently recovered with a minimum of water content.  All components used in MARKLEEN MULTISKIMMERS MultiSkimmers are robust and water and oil resistant .

Depending on the viscosity of the substance to be recovered, standard rotating brush MARKLEEN MULTISKIMMERS may be converted to drum or disc skimmers in just a few minutes and without the use of tools.  Thus MARKLEEN MULTISKIMMERS offer the advantages of having three skimmers in one.

Operating priniciple:
Multi Skimmers operate based on the well proven oleophilic (oil attracting) properties of some materials and recover light oils through to heavy crude.

The rotating module powered by a hydraulic or pneumatic motor creates a current which draws the substance to be recovered towards the skimmer.  The oil sticks firmly to the chosen module which is made of oil attracting and water repelling material.  It then reaches the scraper where it is separated and poured into an intermediate tank in the skimmer head.  Due to the hydrophobic (water repelling) effect of the module, the water drains down before reaching the scraper.  A transfer pump then transfers the oil to an external tank.
  • Three skimmers in one, covers full range of viscosities!
    Hydraulic or pneumatic version
    High efficiency, low water content in recovered oil!
    Robust construction
    Reduced draft

Compact, lightweight units used for recovering all types of oil