WeirSkimmer MWS 280

High performance weir skimmer

The Markleen MWS skimmer is a high performance weir skimmer for harbour, coastal or offshore oil spills. This skimmer handles all types of hydrocarbons, from light diesel to heavy crude oil, and is suitable for advancing and stationary skimming operations.

Markleen MWS skimmer features a well proven self-adjusting flow-controlled inlet weir, with automatic parallel weir lip movement to water surface. The weir working depth is controlled by the pump flow rate, and determines the quantity of water in the recovered product.

The skimmer incorporates two heavy duty submersible Archimedes Twin Disc Screw pumps which provide 70% higher capacity than traditional screw pumps.  The pumps are hydraulically driven and need as such a hydraulic power pack for their operation.  The stainless steel pump casing as standard provides high resistance against corrosion and abrasive wear.

The skimmer is mounted on a robust stainless steel frame which sustains the four floats and protects the pumps.
  • MWS skimmer handles all types of oil spills, from light diesel to heavy crude mixed with debris.
  • Extremely high recovery capacities at low pump revolutions.
  • Large 360º inlet opening with strong cutting knives for efficient debris handling.
  • The pump casing is easily dismantled for maintenance and cleaning.
  • By removing the floating structure, the skimmer can easily be converted to an efficient submersible transfer or discharge pump.

Heavy Duty and high capacity.

Twin slow revolving screw pumps with massive torque. All viscosities, if it flows you can pump it!