Oil spill response

Sweeper systems

The MOS Sweeper is a result of a successful development project with NOFO. (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operation Companies)  
The MOS Sweeper has a uniquely designed V-shape formation of multiple barriers. This innovative single vessel oil spill recovery system with a towing speed up to 5 knots makes the laws of hydrodynamics to the recovery of oil more efficient and on Nature’s Terms.
The MOS Sweeper ranges in size from 50mtr to 15mtr. It has proven its strong capabilities in harsh weather and is operational in strong ocean currents and wave heights above traditional systems. Heavily tested by NOFO and 4 participations at the annual oil on water exercise, held by NOFO and NCA.
Dependent on size, the MOS Sweeper range can be operated from supply- or offshore supply vessels, fishing vessels, coast guard vessels and stand-by vessels. They can also be deployed and in use within less than 30minutes which ensures rapid response in case of emergency.
The MOS Sweeper is preferred by NOFO for sweeping operations offshore.