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Pioneers since 1992 in the manufacture of oil spill products

What are the techniques for cleaning up an oil spill at sea, in industry or in other areas?

There are many solutions on the market for getting rid of spills, depending on the location of the spill, the nature and quantity of the liquid to be recovered and the frequency of operations.

Talk to us. We will advise you and guide you towards the products or equipment most suited to your needs.

Our wide-ranging experience in the oil spill response market means we are ideally placed to advise our customers on their needs, from start to finish. Whether it be small day-to-day spills in a workshop, or a large scale offshore contingency plan, our expert staff have the tools on hand to offer you a package tailored to what you really need, no more no less.

Booms, skimmers, tanks… so many different ones. What do I need?

We usually speak of the three phases of oil spill response: containment, recovery and storage. But each phase is dependent on many factors, which if not properly planned for can result in an inadequate response when faced with an incident. And the most efficient solution is not necessarily the most complex or most expensive. We will advise you on the best equipment for each phase to make your investment as effective as possible.


Markleen provides environmental protection solutions for different scenarios and uses.

Case studies

Take a look at some of the solutions provided by Markleen to its customers’ problems. We work hand in hand with our customers from day one to offer them an integral package which is tailored to their needs.

Algerian ports

Algerian ports acquire a number of Markleen containerised oil spill response packages to protect seven major ports.

CEPSA Huelva

The systems are a protection measure against oil spills and were chosen for their ease of use and manoeuvrability in the water.

NOFO Norwegian Association

Supply of 10 complete MOS Boom systems to NOFO – The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies.


Markleen's products and techniques have been present in oil spill cleanup and recovery over the past 25 years.

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We’ll help you find an effective solution to your problem.

With innovation and respect for the environment at the forefront, knowing that not all spills are the same, we’ll make sure you know what you really need and how to use it.

Fill out this form and one of our sales staff will contact you. If you have information on the actual product application, that will help us to better tailor our offer to your needs.

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