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DRC vs ASTM. Connection between booms.

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Do you know the difference between DRC and ASTM type Z connection? Would you know which one to choose for your oil spill booms at sea?

In Markleen we tell you.

Historically, Markleen has manufactured both types of connections based on the tastes of our customers. However, the needs of the spill do not interfere with the choice of connector.

To day our engineers are opting for the DRN dynamic response connector, also known as the Norwegian type connection, due to its notable advantages compared to the ASTM connection.

As the DRC connection booms do not have a metallic material for their connection, they can be in the water longer without risk of oxidation, so they are more durable and cheaper. The connection between one boom and another is made by means of a bridge and oval eyelets, significantly reducing the weight of the booms. It is fastened with a rope that sews the buttonholes on both heads, avoiding the use of tools.

This type of DRC connection adapts very well to the movement of the wave, they are flexible and during the summer their storage is very comfortable. You can join one boom to another until you reach the desired length. All our booms have a signaling system to avoid accidents with other boats.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our sales team who will be happy to help you.