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Ecosorb® Oil skirted sorbent booms// Barreras absorbentes Ecosorb Oil con faldón

Do you know what this product is for? Ecosorb® Oil skirted sorbent booms, manufactured from premium materials by Markleen, are a highly versatile and effective product for the protection and removal of oil spills in harbours and sheltered waters. They combine the protection provided by a containment boom with the efficiency of a sorbent. The booms […]

DRC vs ASTM. Connection between booms.

Do you know the difference between DRC and ASTM type Z connection? Would you know which one to choose for your oil spill booms at sea? In Markleen we tell you. Historically, Markleen has manufactured both types of connections based on the tastes of our customers. However, the needs of the spill do not interfere […]