NOFI Current Buster w/ NorMar IPS

Oil spill solutions

High Speed Sweep Systems

NOFI Current Buster 6

The NOFI Current Buster® 6 is currently in use by many oil spill control organizations all over the world. Offers excellent area coverage and flexibility in towing speeds up to 5 knots. The system is available in a number of different storage options, from hydraulic reels to containerized all-in-one alternatives. The NOFI Current Buster® 6 […]

NOFI Current Buster 4

What differentiates the NOFI Current Buster technology from other high-speed sweep systems, is the built-in separator. The system is designed to separate contained oil from water and to retain the oil inside the closed separator. The process results in a thicker layer of oil, which in turn offers great advantages when pumping the collected oil […]

NOFI Current Buster 2 – Shallow Water

The NOFI Current Buster technology is one of the world’s most efficient and advanced oil containment and recovery systems, capable of containing and controlling oil in up to 5 knots towing speed* without losing any of the contained oil. The NOFI Current Buster 2/SW is based on the same proven current buster technology designed specifically […]

NOFI Current Buster 2

It represents an important contribution to oil spill contingency systems in shallow waters such as harbors and near coastal areas. NOFI Current Buster® 2 is already in use by many spill control organizations all over the world. Excellent maneuverability and compact design make the NOFI Current Buster® 2 ideal for oil collection in harbors and […]

NOFI Boom Bag System

The speed of the first response often determines whether the oil spill remains a minor incident, or if it develops into a more costly spill. The NOFI BoomBag is specially designed for fast response with minimal requirements for boats and personnel. The ECOSOLID boom is packed in a zigzag pattern inside the NOFI BoomBag. The […]

Side sweep

Solution for the mechanical recovery of oil slicks on water following a spill

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