Oil spill solutions

Storage tanks

When carrying out an oil spill clean-up operation it is important to have ready enough storage capacity for the recovered oil, in a way which is practical and easy to use.

Markleen manufactures and supplies a number of solutions for the temporary storage of oil for use on docksides, beaches and ships




Portable tanks for temporary oil storage


Towable tank for temporary oil storage

Floating oil storage tanks

Markleen Unibag® floating tanks are a versatile solution to the problem of transporting oil recovered from the sea following a spill

Flexible storage tanks

Markleen Pillow Tanks are lightweight, fully collapsible, fabric tanks which require little or no site preparation before installation.

Portable tanks

EasyTanks are temporary oil storage tanks for use during oil spill containment and recovery following a spill at sea.

Self supporting tanks

Effective solution to the problem of the temporary storage of oil following a spill clean-up operation

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