Self-inflatable offshore booms

Oil spill solutions

Total oil spill solution and clean-up of oil spills, hydrocarbons and other substances

High technology applied to unique products manufactured by Markleen, a Norwegian company with an international presence

Self-inflatable offshore booms

The most technologically advanced solution for offshore oil spill recovery where all other options would be unsuitable.

Floating oil storage tanks

Markleen Unibag® floating tanks are a versatile solution to the problem of transporting oil recovered from the sea following a spill

Containerised solutions

Sea containers for optimum storage of oil spill response equipment packages

Self-inflatable containment booms Seamaster

Self-expanding and self-inflatable containment booms, the best solution for oil spills in ports, harbours and coastal waters

Skirted sorbent booms

Oil containment and absorption in a wide variety of marine applications

Silt curtains

Silt curtains (also known as silt screens or turbidity curtains) separate an area of dredging work in a port or elsewhere from more sensitive areas.

Flexible storage tanks

Markleen Pillow Tanks are lightweight, fully collapsible, fabric tanks which require little or no site preparation before installation.

MultiSkimmers MS10

The MS10 MultiSkimmer, available in both hydraulic or air driven options, is used for the mechanical recovery of oil from the surface of water.

Flat floatation containment booms Flexi Series

Markleen Flexi booms are lightweight and compact, and extremely easy to deploy, whether it be by hand or using a hydraulic reel

MultiSkimmers MS30

Total solution for collecting oil spills on the sea surface.

Permanent containment booms P Series

Permanent oil containment booms for ports, power stations, desalination plants, shipyards and marinas.

Sorbent spill kits: marine

These handy clean-up kits provide a complete solution to accidental spills of oil or fuel on water.

Hydraulic boom reels

Markleen hydraulically operated boom reels are the best way of deploying and recovering inflatable or flat floatation marine oil containment booms

Hydraulic power packs

Hydraulic power supply to the equipment usually present in any oil spill containment and recovery operation at sea

Portable tanks

EasyTanks are temporary oil storage tanks for use during oil spill containment and recovery following a spill at sea.

Weir skimmers

Weir skimmers can be a simple and economical solution for recovering layers of oil on water

Self supporting tanks

Effective solution to the problem of the temporary storage of oil following a spill clean-up operation

Storage cages

Storage cages to store and move oil spill response equipment

MultiSkimmers MS20

Skimmers for oil spills with a medium-sized recovery capacity

Side sweep

Solution for the mechanical recovery of oil slicks on water following a spill

Dispersant spray systems

As an alternative to mechanical recovery, and local legislation permitting, Markleen can supply a complete dispersant system for on-water spraying.

MultiSkimmers MS60

Large capacity hydraulic skimmer designed to recover hydrocarbons for use offshore

Beach sealing booms S Series

Beach sealing booms are used to seal off the area between high and low tide when dealing with an oil spill affecting a beach

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