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Inflatable floating containment booms Serie Z

Inflatable containment booms for stationary or moving recovery of oil slicks in exposed waters

Containment booms for use in ports, exposed waters and offshore

These inflatable containment booms are the first choice for stationary or moving recovery of oil slicks in exposed and offshore waters, thanks to their inflatable floats which provide excellent buoyancy and wave-following characteristics.

The boom’s independent replaceable floatation chambers, shielded inside the external boom fabric, make the EGERSUND Z SERIES boom a highly reliable product when dealing with oil spill recovery in the harshest of environments.

When deflated, the boom takes up minimal space on the reel, and is extremely easy to clean and maintain.Egersund Z Series booms come in 25 m section lengths with international end connectors. A 300 m stretch of boom can be deployed in around 7 minutes, depending on the size, which can vary from a total height of 750 mm up to 1800 mm.


Marine oil containment booms SerieZ

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