Barreras-contencion serie-P FLoating booms with rigid floats

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Containment Booms

Floating booms with rigid floats for oil spills

Permanent oil containment booms for ports, power stations, desalination plants, shipyards and marinas.

Permanent oil containment installations

Markleen P Series oil containment booms are the product of choice for use in installations where long-term protection against oil spills is required, such as in ports with frequent oil loading/unloading operations, power stations, desalination plants, shipyards and marinas.   

The P Series boom’s simple yet robust design, with rigid floats mounted externally on to a tough, flexible boom fabric, makes it suitable for leaving in the water for long periods of time, with only intermittent cleaning being necessary, as required. Moreover, the external floats are easily replaceable if damaged or worn over the years.


Barreras-contencion serie-P FLoating booms with rigid floats
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