Skimmers for oil spills with a medium-sized


MultiSkimmer MS20

Skimmers for oil spills with a medium-sized recovery capacity

Floating oil skimmers with interchangeable recovery modules

This skimmer is based on the popular Markleen MultiSkimmer MS 10 design and offers the advantages of a small, easy to handle skimmer with a medium-sized recovery capacity of around 20 m3/h.

The skimmer’s aluminium frame and its interchangeable modules make it the ideal solution for marine applications where a larger oil spill response capacity combined with ease and speed of handling are required.

As for all of Markleen’s MultiSkimmer range, the MS 20 uses interchangeable recovery modules (brush, disc and drum) to cover a wide range of oil viscosities, and has a recovery efficiency of around 98% as demonstrated in independent laboratory tests.


Skimmers for oil spills with a medium-sized
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