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Multiskimmers for the recovery of hydrocarbons from the surface of water

The MS10 MultiSkimmer, available in both hydraulic or air driven options, is used for the mechanical recovery of oil from the surface of water.

Floating oil skimmers with interchangeable recovery modules, 10m3/h capacity

The Markleen MS 10 MultiSkimmer, available in both hydraulic or air driven options, is used for the mechanical recovery of oil from the surface of water.  The MS 10 MultiSkimmer is highly versatile and very straightforward to use in marine and industrial applications.

The skimmer’s rotating oil recovery module, which can consist of brushes, discs or a smooth drum, depending on which type of oil is being recovered, has an efficiency rate of over 98% in independent laboratory tests, thereby recovering virtually no water.

The MS 10 is light and easy to handle, and its marine grade aluminium build makes it suitable for use in harbours and ports and in many industrial settings.  The skimmer will recover almost all types of fuels or oils present in industries such as steelmaking, glass and foodstuffs, amongst others.

The hydraulic version of the MS 10 is usually supplied with a separate hydraulic power pack and pump, while the pneumatic version usually features a diaphragm pump directly coupled to the skimmer, to make better use of the pump’s delivery head.


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