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Mos Sweeper

Uniquely designed multiple boom formation for oil recovery by a single vessel

Hydrodynamic multiple boom formation for the recovery of oil

The MOS Sweeper is a result of a successful development project with NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies). The MOS Sweeper consists of a uniquely designed V-shape formation of multiple booms. This innovative single vessel oil spill recovery system with a towing speed up to 5 knots uses the laws of hydrodynamics to make the recovery of oil more efficient and on nature’s terms. The MOS Sweeper ranges in size from 15 m to 50 m. It has proven its capabilities in the harshest of weather conditions and is operational in strong ocean currents and wave heights above the limitations of traditional systems. The MOS Sweeper has been extensively tested by NOFO and is a regular participant at the annual oil on water exercise, held by NOFO and NCA. Depending on size, the MOS Sweeper range can be operated from supply or offshore supply vessels, fishing vessels, coast guard vessels and stand-by vessels. The MOS Sweeper can be deployed and in use within less than 30 minutes which ensures rapid response in an emergency. The MOS Sweeper is NOFO’s preferred product for sweeping operations offshore.

The MOS Sweeper has been thoroughly tested  by NOFO and is frequently used during annual oil-on-water exercises organised by NOFO and the NCA. Depending on size, the MOS Sweeper can be deployed from a wide range of vessels, including those used for supplies, fishing or by the coast guard. The MOS Sweeeper can be deployed in under 30 minutes, thereby providing quick response in an emergency.


The MOS Sweeper is NOFO’s first choice for offshore oil spill sweeping operations.

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