Sectors of oil and hydrocarbon spills at sea and industry


Sectors and uses

Markleen provides environmental protection solutions for different scenarios and uses.

Oil spill response

Ports, harbours, coastlines, beaches, rivers, lakes, offshore… the list is endless. But we have a solution for every scenario...


Solutions to problems caused by liquid spills throughout industry. We supply solutions to problems caused by liquid spills throughout industry...


For construction work in ports and harbours, and other dredging operations, Markleen manufactures silt curtains (or turbidity curtains) to contain...


Serge Ferrari Group have been manufacturing fish farming nets and equipment for the fish farming industry since the early 1970's.


Equipment for oil spill clean-up offshore

Markleen manufactures all equipment required to respond to pollution at sea and in inland waters:

containment booms, multiskimmers for recovery of oil, floating tanks, tanks for temporary storage on land, hydraulic equipment, boom deployment and recovery reels and oil sorbents among others.

You can count on us when faced with an environmental disaster


Markleen's products and techniques have been present in oil spill cleanup and recovery over the past 25 years.

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