IMG 6688 scaled | Spill containment and collection drill with Markleen skimmer and booms

Spill containment and collection drill with Markleen skimmer and booms

On 6 July REPSOL carried out its annual drill to deploy booms and skimmers supplied by MARKLEEN to contain and subsequently collect a spill allegedly sighted from Repsol’s Casablanca platform installed in waters near Tarragona.

This test consists of activating the emergency plan due to the sighting of an oil slick from the platform. First of all, the NARESER Joan Miró and Atenes vessels proceed to connect the booms on board and contain the slick with Markleen Z Series inflatable floating marine containment booms.

Markleen Z-Series Containment Barriers

Z-Series containment booms are ideal for high wave conditions in exposed waters and offshore. 300 m of this boom can be deployed in just 7 minutes. They are chamber inflatable flotation booms that adapt perfectly to the shape of the waves.

The barriers connect to each other and deploy quickly and easily from their hydraulically operated reel to cope with the alleged disaster in “J” and “U” configurations.

Once the spill is contained, the oil is removed from the sea with a Multiskimmer with built-in pump, a total solution for the collection of oil spills on the sea surface.

Markleen Multiskimmers

The Markleen MultiSkimmer MS 30 recovers oil from the sea surface by means of a rotating hydrophobic cartridge that collects a minimal percentage of water (less than 2%).

The MS 30 is constructed from marine grade aluminium for extra strength. Up to 3 different and easily interchangeable cartridges of brushes, discs and drums are available to cover the full range of viscosities to be recovered.

The exercise was successfully completed within the required timeframe.

Markleen is a leading manufacturer of offshore oil spill response equipment and equipment for the quality of its solutions.