Oil spill. Sunken yacht in ice

Ecosorb® sorbent booms for emergency response

A versatile solution for oil spill emergencies

Ecosorb® sorbent booms are a cut above the rest when compared to conventional sorbent booms.

These booms come in a number of different sizes and have a certified absorption capacity of 14 times their own weight.

Independent laboratory tensile tests show that Ecosorb® sorbent booms will resist the toughest of conditions and experience has shown that these booms are equally suited to extreme Arctic conditions and high temperatures, as well as fast moving waters. The booms’ strong tension strip and mesh mean they can be used in applications where other booms would be inoperative.

The skirted version of these sorbent booms performs the twin function of absorbing the spill and containing it on the reverse side. Our skirted sorbent booms have been used in some of Europe’s biggest oil spills in recent years.

In one of the most recent oil spill clean-up operations, we supplied several thousand metres of boom for which special flights were chartered.

Markleen has two production lines dedicated to the manufacture of sorbent booms, with a total capacity of over 1000 m per day, as well as a large stock ready to provide a rapid response to emergencies.

Over the years we have supplied over a million metres of Ecosorb® sorbent boom, making it one of our leading products.

Sorbent booms for emergencies in the sea