Egersund Markleen enlarges its aquaculture products manufacturing facility

2500 m² for aquaculture products

In May 2020 Egersund Markleen started making aquaculture products in its new production area located in Zuera, Zaragoza, Spain. This new production facility consolidates the development which had already started in this business area nearly three years ago. Meanwhile, oil spill response products continue to be manufactured at our San Mateo de Gállego factory.

The new Zuera facility has a surface area of over 2500 m² and will be exclusively dedicated to making products for aquaculture.

This enlarged production capacity is in response to demand from our customers, which in 2020 is increasing by 100% year-on-year. The new facility will permit improved production processes and quality control, one of the hallmarks of our product.

We have also made a sizeable investment in machinery for the new facility, which we are confident will contribute to the company’s growth in the future.


More staff

This enlargement of production has also required more staff. A total of 15 production personnel are now working at the newly inaugurated facility.

Since the company takeover by Egersund Group, Egersund Markleen has been diversifying its activities and increasingly making products destined for the aquaculture sector.